Ninja Love (on GREE, too?!?!)

Ninja Love

Grab it here
or here

OR!!!! You can get the GREE version! It is sort of like Be My Princess – free w/ in-game purchases.

(If you want to add me, my ID is 628804104!)

In Ninja Love GREE, you have energy. Unfortunately, it takes 300 minutes for 1 energy, so it takes a while to actually finish the stories. You can use rice balls, but you must buy them with real money. There are ways to get rice balls without paying, though!

One way is to achieve certain feats to get rewards. Sometimes, the reward consists of rice balls. Here’s another way:

First of all, Ninja Love GREE has a greeting/commenting function like Be My Princess. You get tokens for doing stuff like that. When you reach 200 tokens, you can play the “Lucky Cat Slot!!” Once in a while, you get rice. When you collect ten rice, you can make a rice ball! Yay! Except that whole process takes a long time because…

You get only 2 Tokens by greeting people, 10 if they are a part of your crew (like a friend), and you get only 4 Tokens by commenting on people’s walls, 20 if they are a part of your crew.

The cool thing about Ninja Love GREE is that Saizo, Sasuke, Kotaro, and Goemon can be chosen from the start! (GOEMON FTW!!!!)
You can get Musashi after getting the Super Happy Ending of either Sasuke’s or Goemon’s Main Story.

You can get Munenori by getting the Super Happy Ending of either Saizo’s or Kotaro’s Main Story.

Lastly, you can get Rennoshin after getting the Super Happy Endings of Saizo’s, Goemon’s, Sasuke’s, AND Kotaro’s Main Story. (Geez, what a pain in the butt!)

If you don’t mind paying, you can unlock all the routes immediately.

AND WAIT! We’re not done yet! There are also Spin-off Stories! You can buy them to immediately unlock them, or wait until you complete the person’s route.

There are two episodes up so far (as of August 8th,2012).

I have played Goemon’s Main Story and his first spin-off story. I am currently playing Musashi’s Main Story, and he’s so adorable! Like a giant teddy bear!


101 thoughts on “Ninja Love (on GREE, too?!?!)

    1. Good luck with that! By the way, you can greet me and leave a comment to get some more tokens if you’d like! I just sent you a crew request, so please accept it:)

      1. I hope this isn’t too late, but I’m assuming you had already figured it out. But for those who haven’t, on the bottom (like a taskbar) there are icons that say “top”, “my page”, “shop”, “social”, “menu”, and “logout”. “Social” is the one you wanna click on (or tap in this case); it will lead you to tabs so you’ll press “find”. And you can go on from there.:)
        Here’s my ID!: 711516778

    1. I’ll add you as soon as I have more room! And I totally understand your pain! Passports are really annoying. In fact, I can’t play Hanzo’s route because of those horrible passports!

      1. You want it so you get “Brilliant!” For some reason, most of the choices from the original game are “Close!” so I think they must have changed it or something. I used the walkthrough from the original game for the GREE version and it worked, but that was a while ago.

  1. Hey, I’ve added a few of you guys and need more crew members, so please add me or accept me.

    my id is : 689905998

      1. You have to click on the “crew” option at the bottom of the screen. Then, I believe you click the “find” tab. Type in the number and, if they have room in their crew, you can click “Add to crew.”

  2. Hello! I discover this otome game thanks to you *è* I finally have something to play with my mobile!😄 Thanks a lot ! This is my ID 690196621 ! Add me if you want ! I will send you a request when I’ll find how to do it xDDD

  3. Waiting for my energy to replenish is torture! D: anyways, if anyone would like to add me: 690320940 (I need 8 more members for a love potion!)

  4. I’ve just started playing, feel free to add me to your crew ~~ 694871046 I’ll also add those IDs who have posted here, if you don’t mind accept it, please ~ if you have room ^-^ Thank you :3

  5. I need help finishing Sasuke’s story! It was getting good and then i needed 12 passports. If anyone downloads this game use my id please.:) it is 695277264. thanks!

    1. 12?! Oh my god that’s terrible! I’ll send you a request I don’t know if you still need any or if you have any room but my ID is 697105948.:)

  6. Um…..this might be a rush …. But~~~! This one => 695939254!!!
    It’s kaori’s ID. If you don’t mind, can you add kaori in your crew please?
    Pretty please? Thank you so much~~! ^-^

  7. i’m so addicted to this game! i needs tokens and crew members😀
    please add me and i will love you for eternity hahaha~ id: 698356801

  8. it’s really fun, specially for girls!
    Btw, after installing it, feel free to use my id “710809934”, you’ll get bonus in return!
    have fun and good luck^^

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