My Sweet Bodyguard (Kaiji)

I apologize, but I seem to have lost one or two story levels from the beginning of Kaiji’s route. Here’s a very short summary (I really don’t remember the beginning too well…):

It has been revealed that you are the prime minister’s daughter! Unfortunately for you, many bad people are trying to kidnap you and use you to their advantage. Since your father worries about your safety, you’re given the opportunity to choose whomever you’d like as your 24-hour bodyguard. In this case, you choose Kaiji. You feel you would be the most comfortable with him because you guys were childhood friends.

Honestly, the beginning was more of an introduction to the story and stuff, so it wasn’t extremely important, but I know people want to see the whole thing. Unfortunately, the GREE version doesn’t let you go back, save a chapter, etc. Sorry!


Status: Ongoing

Current relationship level with Kaiji: A

*IMPORTANT: On Photobucket, when I say “Kaiji Story Level # Sweet Story,” I mean the Sweet Story right after Level #! Even though the image at the beginning of that level will say a different number, I wanted to keep it in order for your guys since Photobucket organizes everything in alphabetical order. Sorry for the confusion!

NOTICE: There will probably be a bunch of repeats. I’m too tired to check for them, so please just ignore them. Thanks!

Photobucket (this is the link to the album)

For the OLD VERSION of PHOTOBUCKET: Click on “Kaiji Story” to see the sub-albums which include all of the story levels. If you can’t see all of the sub-albums for some reason, try clicking on “View all albums.”

For the NEW VERSION of PHOTOBUCKET: On the left side of the page, there should be something that says “Show Albums and Stories.” Click on the arrow to expand the sidebar and the link to Kaiji’s Story should be there.

16 thoughts on “My Sweet Bodyguard (Kaiji)

      1. I think you are seeing the newer version of photobucket, which I don’t really like. On the left side of the page, there should be something that says “Show Albums and Stories.”Click on the arrow to expand the sidebar and the link to Kaiji’s Story should be there. I’ll post these instructions on the main page as well. Thanks for letting me know!

  1. I love you for uploading this!
    Your iDevice must be filled with screenshots, lol
    Thank you soooooooo much ❤❤❤

    1. No problem! I’m glad you can see the pictures! I have the rest of the screenshots on my iPad, but it’s not letting me transfer them to my laptop! I will try my best to upload them as soon as possible!

    1. Unfortunately, I’m having problems uploading photos. However, be sure to check the collection of otome game LPs page and look at the youtube channels I posted at the top. Those people have all sorts of routes from all the Voltage games.

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