Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja Walkthrough


***I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but CGs that appear later on in the route may be affected by some of the choices you make!***

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Format to post answers (remember to use the hide tags when posting your answers):
Chapter #:
Result (+1 – towards sweet state, -1 – towards lovey dovey state):
Get (i.e.- CG):

Chapter 1
Thank you very much – Love State +1, Get CG
It’s rude – Love State -1

It’s improper – Love State +1
It’s not that I don’t want it – Love State -1

Chapter 2
Please don’t assume I’m the same – Love State +1, Get CG
That is a lie – Love State -1

Of course not! – Love State +1
Just a little – Love State -1

Chapter 3
(Pass Checkpoint: 1 Pass)
I’m fine – Love State +1
Is it okay? – Love State -1

You must be joking – Love State +1
I don’t want to – Love State -1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 Energy)

Chapter 4
You should have said so! – Love State +1
That’s awful! – Love State -1

Don’t worry about it – Love State +1
It’s not your fault – Love State -1

Chapter 5

for the lvl 5 enemy you have 60% success rate
(Enemy Checkpoint:1 Energy)
… This isn’t like you – Love State +1
I’ve gotten used to you – Love State -1

Thank you – Love State -1

Anything? – Love State +1

Chapter 6
(Friendship checkpoint: 100pts)
I’ll fulfill one request – Love State +1, Get CG

I want to help the Genji – Love State +1

Chapter 7
Why do you ask? – Love State +1

(game checkpoint 40% success chance)

I’m embarrassed – Love State +1

Chapter 8
I didn’t want to worry you – Love State +1, Get CG

That’s because it’s you – Love State +1

Chapter 9
Don’t worry about me – Love State -1

Hold Enya’s hand – Love State -1

Chapter 10
You’re so kind, Enya – Love State +1

I decided to become stronger – Love State +1
(Pass Checkpoint: 11 Passes)

Chapter 11
Thank you – Love State +1

Do as you wish – Love State +1

Chapter 1
I’m sorry – Love State +1, Get CG
I’ll do it myself – Love State -1

Would you lend me some of your clothes? – Love State +1
I’m fine like this – Love State -1

Chapter 2
I have to protect myself by myself. – Love State +1
No, it’s nothing. – Love State -1

No, I didn’t mean… – Love State +1
Y… yes – Love State -1
(Pass Checkpoint: 1 Pass)

Chapter 3
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 80% Success Rate)
(Get CG)
It’s my fault – Love State +1
The enemy ninja was powerful… – Love State -1

Do you think I’m childish? – Love State +1
It’s better that I leave here… – Love State -1

Chapter 4
I was moaning? – Love State +1
Because I was really frightened – Love State -1
(Mini game Checkpoint: 60% Success Rate)

I think you are awkward – Love State +1
You are shy! – Love State -1

Chapter 5
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 100 Friendship Level)
– Love State +1
I am probably not royalty – Love State -1

Silently blush – Love State +1
Completely deny it – Love State -1

Chapter 6
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 40% Success Rate)
I wanted to repay you – Love State +1
I was just in the moment.. – Love State -1

Not only for that – Love State +1, Get CG
… Yes – Love State -1

Chapter 7
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 300 Friendship Level)
I only said what I saw – Love State +1
I’m glad I could be of help – Love State -1

What’s wrong…? – Love State +1
Something’s odd tonight – Love State -1

Chapter 8
– Love State +1, Get CG
Are you making fun of me? – Love State -1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: Success Rate: 40%, -1 Energy)

Let me do this. – Love State +1
Can I really do this… – Love State -1

Chapter 9
(Enemy appearance checkpoint, Success Rate: 40%)
You bastard! – Love State +1
You’re too awful… – Love State -1

Why…? – Love State +1
What about my feelings…? – Love State -1

Chapter 10
Yoshitsune…! – Love State +1
Forgive Hyuga – Love State -1
(Mini game checkpoint, Success Rate: 20%)

Why…? – Love State +1, Get CG
I don’t want that! – Love State -1
(Pass Checkpoint: 6 Passes)

Chapter 11
About Yoshitsune. – Love State +1
…Yes. – Love State -1
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 20% Success Rate)
(Pass Checkpoint: 11 passes)

Nod yes. – Love State +1
Smile while crying. – Love State -1

Chapter 12
Secret Love Ending: Get CG

Chapter 1
Run! – Love State +1
Hide behind Hyosuke? – Love State -1

Ask Hyosuke if he would take you to the nearest village – Love State +1, Get CG
Ask Hyosuke if you can travel with him – Love State -1

Chapter 2
I’m helping out – Love State +1
I’m sorry… – Love State -1

Go and take a look? – Love State +1
Don’t go and take a look? – Love State -1

Chapter 3
Don’t listen – Love State +1
Try and listen – Love State -1
(Passport Checkpoint: 1 Pass)

Don’t let him kill – Love State +1, Get CG
He might know something – Love State -1

Chapter 4
It’s the truth – Love State +1
It’s a lie – Love State -1

Try and talk to him – Love State +1
Stay quiet – Love State -1
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 60% Success Rate)

Chapter 5
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 100 Friendship Level)
Look at Hyosuke’s body – Love State +1
Cover your eyes – Love State -1

No you’ve got it all wrong! – Love State +1
Keep quiet – Love State -1

Chapter 6
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 40% Success Rate)
You pig! *Possible chapter 6 CG here – Love State +1
What do you think you’re doing? – Love State -1

I will protect you – Love State +1
Don’t worry *Possible chapter 6 CG here – Love State -1

Chapter 7
Speak about Lord Kagetoki – Love State +1
Don’t mention Lord Kagetoki – Love State -1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 40% Success Rate)

Thank you – Love State +1
It’s still late – Love State -1

Chapter 8
It’s alright – Love State +1, Get CG
That’s horrible – Love State -1, Get CG
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 300 Friendship Level)

I don’t know – Love State +1
I hate the Taira – Love State -1

Chapter 9
It’s hard to relax – Love State +1
Now’s not the time to relax – Love State -1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 40% Success Rate)

Stop – Love State +1
Don’t stop – Love State -1
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 20% Success Rate)

Chapter 10
(Pass Checkpoint: 6 Passes)
Believe in Hyosuke – Love State +1
Think about running away – Love State -1

It’s not possible to do alone – Love State +1
You don’t know if you don’t try – Love State -1, Get CG

Chapter 11
I’ll be fine with Hyosuke – Love State +1
Yes, thank you – Love State -1
(Minigame Checkpoint: 1 Energy, 20% Success Rate)
(Pass Checkpoint: 11 Passes)

Try to fight it – Love State +1
Go with the flow of the waterfall – Love State -1, Get Letter

Sweet Love Ending
Get: CG, Letter

Chapter 1
I’ll go with you -Love State +1

Thanks for your help -Love State +1

Chapter 2
I got this gut feeling – Love State -1

I can walk by myself – Love State +1
(Pass Checkpoint: 1 Pass)

Chapter 3
Is he actually a nice guy? – Love State +1
Is he pretending to be cold? – Love State -1

Please eat something too – Love State +1

Chapter 4
Continue protecting Shizuka – Love State +1
Get away from Shizuka – Love State -1

It’s because of you – Love State +1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 Energy)

Chapter 5
Hattori Kazemasa Hanzo – Love State +1

I’m worried about you – Love State +1

Chapter 6
Don’t overdo it – Love State +1
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 100)

Have Hanzo decide – Love State +1

Chapter 7
I felt so relieved – Love State +1
My memories are horrible – Love State -1

I want to fulfill my destiny – Love State +1, Get CG
I want to stay here – Love State -1, Get CG

Chapter 8
Open your eyes – Love State +1
I’ve caused you trouble again – Love State -1

It was Kazemasa’s power – Love State +1
It was my father’s power – Love State -1
(Friendship Level Checkpoint: 300)

Chapter 9
If you get hurt, Kazemasa – Love State +1
I can do it! – Love State -1

Go back to your village – Love State +1, Get CG
Are you going back to your village? – Love State -1, Get CG
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 energy)

Chapter 10
(Pass Checkpoint: 6 passes)
He’s the most important thing I have – Love State +1
He’s important to me, but.. – Love State -1
(Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 1 energy)

I refuse! – Love State +1
Let me think a little – Love State -1

Chapter 11
Don’t apologize – Love State +1
It’s my fault – Love State -1
(Pass Checkpoint: 11 passes)

We’re here for you! – Love State +1
Life is more important than anything else – Love State -1

Chapter 1

Stop it! – Love State –1

I’m sorry… – Love State +1

Chapter 2
Oh, you’re right – Love State +1

I don’t think that – Love State +1

Chapter 3
Ah ! That startled me! – Love State +1
A beetle. So? – Love State -1

I’m sorry…. – Love State +1, Get CG

Chapter 4
Thank you for caring – Love State +1

That’s surprising … – Love State +1
(Friendship Checkpoint: 100)

Chapter 5
Don’t say that – Love State +1

Let me do it – Love State +1

Chapter 6
You’re strong – Love State -1

I’m sorry – Love State -1
(Mini-Game Checkpoint: 1 Energy)

Chapter 7
No, not at all – Love State +1
Your teasing… – Love State -1

I’ll stay – Love State +1
– Love State -1

Chapter 8
That’s okay – Love State +1
It was hard – Love State -1

… What are you talking about? – Love State +1
What are you planning to do to me? – Love State -1

Chapter 9
Be by my side forever – Love State +1

Yes – Love State -1
– Love State +1

Chapter 10
I’ll go with you! – Love State +1

This may trouble you… – Love State +1

Chapter 11
What are you talking about?! – Love State +1

I believe in you, Sohma – Love State +1

Chapter 1
Say something – Love State +1
Stay silent – Love State -1

Go back to Capital – Love State +1
Go away from Capital – Love State -1

Chapter 2
Leave – Love State +1
Talk to him – Love State -1

It’s nothing – Love State +1
I have a little headache – Love State -1

Chapter 3
Don’t go – Love State +1
Go – Love State -1

Ask about The Three Sacred Treasures – Love State +1
Ask about Yoshinka – Love State -1

Chapter 4
I worried – Love State +1
It’s all going to be alright – Love State -1

Talk about the battlefield – Love State +1
Talk about the gap of numbers – Love State -1

Chapter 5
Talk about the circumstance – Love State +1
Stay silent – Love State -1

Think a little – Love State +1
Say goodbye anyway – Love State -1

Chapter 6
Help – Love State +1
Raise Oar – Love State -1

Nod obediently – Love State +1
Dive in! – Love State -1
(Minigame Checkpoint: 60% Success Rate)

Chapter 7
I’m fine – Love State +1
It was hard – Love State -1

Don’t ask – Love State +1
Ask – Love State -1

Chapter 8
Yes, I was – Love State +1
No, I wasn’t – Love State -1

Explain – Love State +1
Don’t explain – Love State -1

Chapter 9
I’ll go wash my hands – Love State +1
It must be a lie – Love State -1

Let’s escape from the capital – Love State +1
Let’s fight – Love State -1

Chapter 10
I’m convinced – Love State +1
I can’t believe it – Love State -1

Deny it – Love State +1
Stay quiet – Love State -1

Chapter 11
It hurts – Love State +1
I’m fine. – Love State -1

Take care of Yoshitsune – Love State +1
I wish you the best – Love State -1

Chapter 1
Push him away – Love State +1
Say nothing – Love State -1

Let me be your servant – Love State +1
I’ll fight with you – Love State -1

Chapter 2
Could you please – Love State +1
You’re a bad sleeper – Love State -1

I was a little embarrassed – Love State +1
Quite unthinkable, yes – Love State -1

Chapter 3
Thats thanks to you Benkei – Love State +1
That’s not true at all – Love State -1

It’s a wonderful story – Love State +1
Im jealous – Love State -1

Chapter 4

I can see how kind you are – Love State +1
You need to practice – Love State -1

I think it’s fine to worry – Love State +1
You’re a pure person Benkei – Love State -1

Chapter 5
Persuade Benkei – Love State +1
Go with Hyuga’s plan – Love State -1

Call out to him – Love State +1, Get CG
Leave – Love State -1

Chapter 6
Today is very important – Love State +1
It’s because your looking at me – Love State -1

Quickly escape with Benkei – Love State +1
Help Yoshitune – Love State -1
Chapter 7
Stay still – Love State +1
Look for a chance to escape – Love State -1

I don’t want that time to come – Love State +1
When will that be? – Love State -1

Chapter 8
Run after him – Love State +1
Wait and see – Love State -1

Benkei…? – Love State +1
Yoshitsune…? – Love State -1

Chapter 9
I’d be happy to accompany you! – Love State +1
Not tonight – Love State -1

Don’t Drink – Love State +1
Drink – Love State -1

Protect Shizuka – Love State +1
Wait and see – Love State -1

I look forward to it – Love State +1
Are you really alright? – Love State -1

Chapter 11
Tell him your real feelings – Love State +1
Don’t say anything – Love State -1

You’re the only one for me Benkei – Love State +1
Then who’s the one for me? – Love State -1

Chapter 1
What are you doing?! – Love State +1
Stop it! – Love State -1

Bow to him – Love State +1, Get CG
Nod silently – Love State -1

Chapter 2
It’s improper – Love State +1
It’s embarrassing – Love State -1

Blush – Love State +1
Look at Goyo – Love State -1

Chapter 3
That’s not the problem – Love State +1, Get CG
Really? – Love State -1, Get CG
(Pass Checkpoint: 1 Pass)

Yes… – Love State +1
It’s Just… – Love State -1

Chapter 4
We can’t do this! – Love State +1, Get CG
What are you planning to do? – Love State -1

I want you to do it, Goyo – Love State +1
Maybe Benkei would be good – Love State -1

Chapter 5
It’s not your fault! – Love State +1
Say nothing – Love State -1

Is it me? – Love State +1, Get CG
Its me – Love State -1

Chapter 6
I remember everything – Love State +1
It seems my memory came back – Love State -1

Goyo! *Not exact wording – Love State +1
Yoshitsune! – Love State -1

Chapter 7
I understand – Love State +1
I’m scared – Love State -1

Gently close your eyes – Love State +1
Insist on a kiss – Love State -1

Chapter 8
Hold back the tears – Love State +1
Start weeping – Love State -1

You came to talk to me – Love State +1
You want to do shameful things – Love State -1

Chapter 9
…What should I do? – Love State +1
I can’t do that – Love State -1

I’ll believe in them and wait – Love State +1

Will they find it? – Love State -1

Chapter 10
You would go so far… – Love State +1
Please stop – Love State -1

(Minigame Checkpoint- base chance 20%)

Thank you – Love State +1
I can’t thank you enough – Love State -1

Chapter 11

Enemy Checkpoint- 20%
It’s Embarrassing! – Love State +1
Okay – Love State -1
Pass checkpoint – passes needed 11

My body moved all on its own – Love State +1
I was really scared – Love State -1

Partner Challenge: 800 points



Sweet Honeymoon

Chapter 1
[9 Energy needed to complete]
Chapter 2
[13 Energy needed to complete]
2.5 (Enemy Appearance Checkpoint: 40% Success Rate)
Chapter 3
[????? Energy needed to complete]
Brilliant Love Ending
[????? Energy needed to complete]
Juicy Love Ending
[????? Energy needed to complete]

(Treasure Box Checkpoint: 2 Treasure Boxes)
Get CG
Chapter 1
[7 Energy needed to complete]
Chapter 2
[11? Energy needed to complete]

(Minigame Checkpoint: 40% Success Rate)
Chapter 3
[14 Energy needed to complete]

(Pass Checkpoint: 4 Passes)
Brilliant Love Ending
[2 Energy needed to complete]
Juicy Love Ending
[5 Energy needed to complete]

(Treasure Box Checkpoint: 2 Treasure Boxes)
Get CG
Chapter 1
[12 Energy needed to complete]
Chapter 2
[8 Energy needed to complete]
2.5 (Minigame Checkpoint: 40% Success Rate)
Chapter 3
[8 Energy needed to complete]
3.6 (Pass Checkpoint: 4 Passes)
Brilliant Love Ending
[2 Energy needed to complete]
Juicy Love Ending
[4 Energy needed to complete]
(Treasure Box Checkpoint: 2 Treasure Boxes)
Get CG
Chapter 1
[11 Energy needed to complete]
Chapter 2
[13 Energy needed to complete]
2.9 (Minigame Checkpoint: 40% Success Rate)

Chapter 3
[10 Energy needed to complete]
3.3 (Pass Checkpoint: 4 Passes)

Brilliant Love Ending
[2 Energy needed to complete]
Juicy Love Ending
[????? Energy needed to complete]

(Treasure Box Checkpoint: 2 Treasure Boxes)

Get CG
Halloween Special Scenario

You must use an additional Energy when choosing EVERY character, since you must replay the event prologue.

Scenario 1

Go out for a snack. (Enya)

[4 Energy needed to complete]
Take a walk. (Kazemasa)
[5 Energy needed to complete]

Go to bed. (Mizuki)
[5 Energy needed to complete]

Scenario 2
Drink up! (Goyo)
[5 Energy needed to complete]
Dance (Hyosuke)

[5 Energy needed to complete]

Stuff my face (Hyuga)
[5 Energy needed to complete]

Scenario 3
Someone kind. (Yoshitsune)

[5 Energy needed to complete]

Someone strong. (Benkei)

[5 Energy needed to complete]

Someone wise. (Sohma)

[5 Energy needed to complete]

Newly-Wed Challenges

I did not list them, but you need anywhere from 1-4 Energy for each of the Brilliant Love Endings and Juicy Love Endings.
[12 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.11  (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)
Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes

Get CG
[12 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.10 (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes
Get CG
[13 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.9 (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes
Get CG
[12 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.6 (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes
Get CG
[11 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.10  (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes

Get CG
[12 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.11 (Pass Checkpoint – 3 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes
Get CG
[14 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.8 (Pass Checkpoint – 3 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes

Get CG
[14 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]
1.11 (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes

Get CG

[12 parts to Brilliant Love Ending]

1.10 (Pass Checkpoint – 4 Passes)

Juicy Love Ending – 2 Treasure Boxes

Get CG

241 thoughts on “Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja Walkthrough

    1. Please I’m new to this game and there’s one thing Im not sure of. On the love meter it says sweeeeet and Lovey dovey.Is it bad that I go to Lovey dovey.Will that give me a lovey ending? Halfway through it says lovesick ending. Is it bad that I go left?

      1. It’s not “bad”, per se. It really depends on what ending you want. The lovesick ending occurs when you end up in the green area, but you can still get an ending where you end up with the guy. So, it really depends on what you choose.

      2. All endings depending on the kind you want. Where you are on the “love graph” as I like to call it, depends on what you say in the game. I have never had a “lovesick” before because I didn’t really want to but I’ve had lover dovey and it really cute and sweet. “Lovesick” kinda scared me.

    2. I’m confused even though I’m using the love+ answer for hanzo the love meter keeps moving back to sweet anybody know why?

    3. I actually have a question and I can’t figure out how to post it separately. What do people mean by a more mature ending vs a sweet ending?

    4. Is there any way to stop a spinoff? Because I started a spinoff before I finished the main story, and it’s given me some spoilers. So, I’d like to stop it and go back to the main story but I don’t know how. Help?

      1. I was having the same problem so here’s what I came up with.
        1. Click Ninja love app > “Go to my page”
        1. On “My Page” scroll to the bottom
        2. Click “change story”
        3. Choose the character that you would want which is Kotaro
        4. Check the tabs where it says Main Story, Spin-off and event. Click “Main Story” > “Continue Our romance”
        –Or —
        Step 4 Click on the story (Main story, Spin-off, or Event) you would want to continue with and there should be a button that says “Continue our romance” and I believe the story will start from where you left off which means you do not have to start over.

        Lastly enjoy your romance:) I know I was sad too that I made that mistake and thank goodness I was able to find the answer.

  1. Aw! I wanted to see more of Kazemasa’s route:0
    But thank you for sharing! Thank you so much! I appreciate it!;3

    1. I haven’t completed a route yet, so I’m not exactly sure how they are, but I believe they’re just different kinds of endings.

    2. from what ive read lovey dovey is a more “mature” ending while sweet is i believe the origional ending ( i think you get all the pics from the sweet answers)

      1. You are welcome ^^ and sorry it is just thanks…I just writted it fast and they you came here without me noticing… Btw I am doing Enya route so can I help u with posting some of the answers if u want ?

        for the lvl 5 ennemy you have 60% succes rate
        Ch 6 Enya
        (Friendship chekpoint u need100pts )
        I will fulfill one request – love state +1, Get Cg
        Don’t ask taht when I’ve been ill -love -1

      2. I have the answers for Enya up to Chapter 11 (from kokorocafe), so you can help me add the extra details like friendship checkpoints, enemies, cgs, etc. Thank you for the help

      3. I have the answers for Enya up to Chapter 11 (from kokorocafe), so you can help me add the extra details like friendship checkpoints, enemies, cgs, etc. Thank you for the help.

      4. ch 6
        I want to help the Genji -Love state +
        I don’t know -Love state –

        Ch 7
        Why do you ask? – Love state +
        I respect him – Love state –

        (game checkpoint 40% success chance)
        I’m embarrassed – Love state +
        Isn’t it hard to move – Love state +

  2. Hi i want to ask im playing Mizuku at the moment but im stuck at a minigame checkpoint with a 40% rate and i don’t have any item to boost the rate up. Do anyone have any idea what i can do to get past it without spending money. Thanks!

    1. To be honest, I have never used any items to get past the minigame checkpoints. My technique is clicking the STOP button at the right time. First, try stopping the light when it is on a heart. If that doesn’t work, then try doing the same thing, but when the light is on a star instead. The only thing you risk during these minigame checkpoints are your energy, but they are replenished every 4 hours, so you’re bound to get it eventually. I hope this works for you! Good luck:)

      1. Thank u :) I got through it a day later and finished mizuki story. Now on to sohmas story. Btw thx for the tip and guide. Very helpful

      2. I can’t do it.. And I’m stuck on friendship checkpoint. I have 205 friendshıp checkpoint and I can’t do anything to increase my points. I can’t play right now so please help me . How Can I past the ıtem ?

    1. What are you spending money on? If its the friendship with the pets you can just get Zen and buy it from the shop instead of spending money. Many things are given by completing tasks.

      1. but if you haven´t enough zeni?
        I have to wait, haven´t I?
        because i stuck at the “level 300 friendship checkpoint” and haven´t enough Zeni for one more Item

    1. You’re welcome:) The choices leading to the sweet ending give you all (I think) the CGs. I would recommend doing the sweet ending first and then the lovey dovey ending, because I think the sweet ending is sort of like the “true” ending. Of course, you can also choose whatever you’d like.

      1. pls help me .. im new in this game can i buy items ??i have 2,045 zen and when i try to buy items that cost 100 DC .and what is DChow can i earn DC because i cant buy for my partner .when i try to buy something like 100 DC it say that i have 0 .so what is DC i have 2,045 zen so pls help me ^_^ …

      2. DC is a different kind of currency in the game. You need to use real money to buy DC, though. You can get through a whole route without using DC; you just need to greet friends everyday to raise the amount of zen you have. Hope this helps!

  3. Hello! I’m new to this game and I’m so addicted. I’m just not quite sure about the energy being replenished every 4 hours… I wish it replenished sooner like every 1 hour or so. But anyway, does anyone know how you can get more camellia rice cakes? I’m doing Sohma’s story right now and it’s pretty awesome. If you peeps have any tips, please share along!

    Btw, add me up and let’s be friends! Mfwwdrc8fy:)

    1. You can spend real money, but I don’t do that. If you have extra Zenn to spare, you can do the lottery and use 200 Zenn each time. For every 10 Camellia Rice Cake Tickets you get, you get 1 Camellia Rice Cake to use. You can only get around 4 tickets in the lottery though, so it will need a lot of Zenn. Make sure you greet all your friends everyday so that the Zenn add up.

  4. Enya~
    Chapter 11: Before you can make your choice to say something, there’ll be an Enemy Appearance Checkpoint. His name is Kagetoki. Rate of Success is 20%

    1. I’ve read on some forum that a girl claimed to play Yoshitsune’s route; according to her it is under Benkei’r route due to certain choices (to help Yoshitsune or something)

    2. It looks like he has one, but it, along with another route, isn’t translated yet! So he’s got a route but only in Japanese!

  5. Thanks for the walkthrough. I couldn’t find u on the game so ill give u mine :3

    Id: JKQNnLP4pq
    Or Walker Kristen is the name
    Or WalkerK (I’m a noob at this game so idk)

  6. For the second replying part in chapter 8 for Hyuga, the point towards sweet choice is “Let me do this” and the point towards lover dovey choice is “Can I really do this…?”

  7. Hyuga chapter 7, the first answer is the wrong way round. I really want to get the lovey dovey ending, my intuition naturally leads to sweet, argh!

    1. Hello:) To achieve all the endings, you need to either complete the route three times (with the marker ending in the lovey-dovey, green, or sweet ending areas) or buy the other endings with real money.

  8. Sorry! I’m new and French😛
    I’m at the first Checkpoint and I don’t have any Pass! How Can I get one without use money! I don’t really get it
    Please answer me ^^

    1. To add someone by ID, go to Social, then Find Friend, then click on the tab Search.
      Mine is DPeZpcPvLs

      To get your ID, you can click on Invite New Players button, which can be found in Top or My Page.

      And, nice to meet you:) Welcome to the game =D

    2. hi !!! plss tell me what is the meaning of DC IN buying items and zeni .plss tell me i dunno what DC means it say u have 0 DC .but i have 2,054 zeni ..

    1. You need to greet your friends everyday to get Zeni, which you can then use to buy equipment. I’m also don’t have dnc, so I usually have to wait a couple of days to finally get enough Zeni to afford stuff.

  9. wait. in your guide, does +1 go to sweet love ending and -1 go to lovey dovey ending? Thanks! No matter what character I play, I always end up with the sweet love ending! D: I’d like to see a lovey dovey ending for once. thanks for the help

    1. Login daily, greet and comment friends, greet and comment non-friends up to five times, and maybe invites. Hope this helps:)

      My ID is DPeZpcPvLs

  10. Hi, I wanted to tell you that there is an error on your guide. In Chapter 8 Hyosuke’ve put:

    It’s alright – Love State +1, Get CG
    That’s horrible – Love State -1, Get CG

    But I chose the second option and not given the CG. I hope you can fix it so no more confusion.

    PS: I’m Spanish and I’m writing this with a translator so sorry if the message is a bit inconsistent.

  11. So do now anyone know how to get yoshitsune ? I want to know it because im right now playing benkeis route😀 ♥ im looking forward for ur answers and thank you for ur answers to

    1. I think they said yoshitsune is not released yet for the English version… But just my hunch, maybe you’ll have to finish all other routes first before yoshitsune… I’ve finish goyo’s sweet ending so far, but on a different device…

      And here’s my ID DPeZpcPvLs

      Nice to meet ya =D

  12. Hello:), I don’t know about everyone else but while playing Enya I had a checkpoint at chapter 8 sometime after the first decision, it’s a friendship one and you need 300:) hope this helps

  13. Hi all. I noticed that for Sohma, chapter 1 choices are different. The first part choices should be “Stop it!” Which doesnt give CG : ( and -1(towards lover dovey end) and “I’m sorry…” which I don’t know if it gives CG or not. I hope the change on this webpage is made soon!

  14. You get rewards and presents if you add an id of a friend at the beginning of the game.
    If you don’t have any, here is mine:


  15. hello, i’m playing the spin- off story newly-wed changes and i don’t know how can i pass if i can find a way of open the tresure box if i don’t have any key and i need two keys for continued reading to get the juicy love ending. the first caracter i played was enya and i recive ass a reward the key but wen i played the next caracter i chose kazemasa i haven’t recive the key and i can’t move there what can i do???

  16. For Goyo Chapter 3, it shows for both answers that you get a CG. I’m replaying Goyo’s since I picked the wrong answer for Chapter 3 and didn’t get the picture.
    What answer do I pick to get Chapter 3’s picture for Goyo?

  17. Umm so for Enya’s Chapter 8 I chose ‘I didn’t want to worry you’ Love State +1 and get CG, but I haven’t got a CG yet, I really want it!😦

  18. Thx for the walkthough. I was surprised to see my friend’s name on here but I realized that this “Adria” is different from my Adria. Other than that, awesome walkthough!:)

  19. Somebody please help! I’m new so I don’t know how ridiculous this question may sound, but how do I get passed the first enya friendship check point? I bought the headband for the partner with Zeni but it says my friendship level is still 0. I tried going back and buying it again, thinking maybe it didn’t go through or something, but it says I already own it! I don’t want to use real money so please help! Do I need to equip the partner with it or what? Please please help! T^T

  20. This page has been very helpful ♥ thanks to all ^.^

    Now to get into full otome mode ha! Have fun everyone!

    ID # M9BzBfwuGw

  21. Hello all. I switched to follow Yoshitsune route.. in first chapter:
    No.. (+1 sweet)
    Thats a little… (+1 love)
    Hope this helps. I didnt copy down my invite id. So i cant seem to figure out where i could find it again…

  22. Hello, I’m currently in yoshitsune’s route and just finished half of chapter 2, just want to give off a little guide and here it is..

    Sorry for saying such things..-1 love
    He must be a splendid man..+1 love

    Hope I helped:)

  23. Yoshitsune chapter 2
    Sorry for saying such things.. (+1 love)
    He must be a splendid man… (+1 sweet)

  24. Maybe you should give some free DNC so that we can still continue playing. I really love Destiny Ninja but my parents don’t want me to buy and that makes me very sad. So, could you please make something so that we can earn free DNC ? I am sure a lot of people would appreciate that.

    1. Haha, yeah, I just wanted to make sure that you got the credit for putting the entire walkthrough up, so I’m directing everyone toward your page. I hope you don’t mind:)

      1. I don’t mind at all~ Walkthroughs are meant to be seen, in my opinion.

        Seeing the remaining KC walkthrough holes/errors above, though, reminds me that I need to update the forum’s answers when I have time. All of the other mods/admin are still so busy, too.

  25. Ama didnt design the game. She a lover like all of us for destiny ninja. Best you take it up with the company who made the game.
    Also. I dont think you can get free destiny ninja coins. Since its a free game. They have to make money somwhere for the time they put into developing the game.. they relying on impatient players who want to see the full storyline and ending to buy the dnc…

    If your parents are worried about internet frauds. Best advise i can give. Ask them to get you a prepaid visa or a visa giftcard. They have em here in Australia. Range 20. 50 and 100… or depending on what device your using. An itunes card or google play cards..

    Hope this helps..

  26. Hi I have a question, how can I reset the whole game for destkny ninja? Or at least tell me how I can put in an invitation id

  27. I think u get the majority of the cg by picking the sweet option and not love. For my first ninja. I choose hyouske. I got like 3 cg out all game for picking all love options. 1 in beginning which everyone gets. 1 when then together n admit their love and 1 is the lovey dovey ending cg. If u pick all sweet. Then u get majority of it. Atm. Im trying to get all cg in one go. Minus the sweet endin to Yoshitsune..

    1. I did that the fist time through but I just didn’t get the one for chapter 2 for some strange reason.
      But thanks for the help!

  28. Um hi everyone im new at this game i was wondering if anyone can tell me how do i get friendship level to 100 for hyuga pls help😦

  29. Hey. Wonder if anyone can help. I was half way through a route. And switched. Am i able to return the where i left off or restart the whole route??

    Cause i miscalculated and go the hidden love ending which requires me to have 800friendship pts. So i need to save zeni to finish Yoshitsune off. So i thought i go back to Hyuga while i work back the zeni. Just dont want to leave it all to waste..

    1. I’m pretty sure you do start from where you left off, because I did the same exact thing. Unless they changed it, I’m pretty sure you’ll start off from where you left off.

  30. Here’s for all those who came here looking for Yoshitsune’s campaign! I did it myself since I couldn’t find it anywhere:) enjoy!

    Yoshitsune’s campaign

    Chapter 1:
    No… +1 love-state
    That seems… -1 love-state

    Scream -1 love-state
    Say nothing +1 love-state

    Chapter 2:
    Sorry for saying such things -1 love-state
    He must be a splendid man +1 love-state

    It’s difficult… -1 love-state
    … Don’t treat me like a child +1 love-state

    Chapter 3:
    If it’s allowed +1 love-state
    It might be better not to… -1 love-state

    I can’t do that… -1 love-state
    It’ll be troublesome… +1 love-state

    Chapter 4:
    You shouldn’t say such things… +1 love-sate
    Are you sad? -1 love-state

    You don’t have a fiancé? +1 love-state
    …What if I had a fiancé? -1 love-state

    Chapter 5:
    Grab his arm -1 love-state
    Pinch his leg +1 love-state

    Yes… +1 love-state
    No, that’s not… -1 love-state

    Chapter 6:
    … I wouldn’t know -1 love-state
    I’m just pretending… +1 love-state

    Allow me to stay +1 love-state
    Am I in the way? -1 love-state

    Chapter 7:
    Be careful… -1 love-state
    Yes, I believe in you +1 love-state

    Are you ok? -1 love-state
    Please rest +1 love-state

    Chapter 8:
    I’m happy with just your feelings -1 love-state
    Please don’t say anymore +1 love-state

    Take his hand -1 love-state
    Embrace him +1 love-state

    Chapter 9:
    Yes, I love him +1 love-state
    No, it’s not like that… -1 love-state

    Try to drink -1 love-state
    Pretend to drink +1 love-state

    Chapter 10:
    Are you really leaving? -1 love-state
    Please don’t leave +1 love-state

    …Don’t say that +1 love-state
    Why? -1 love-state

    Chapter 11:
    Can I really do it… -1 love-state
    Please let me do it! +1 love-state

    Glare in anger -1 love-state
    Slap his hand away +1 love-state

  31. Great info. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    Now if only i could afford stuff in the game. That way i wouldn’t have to stop playing when its getting gooooood.

    My ID: Ctwg3fVNhky

  32. Chapter 7 Hyuga,
    “I’m glad I could be of help – Love State +1” ———-> this lowered my level by 1…Just wanted to let you know:)

    “I only said what I saw – Love State -1” not sure about this one though

  33. thanks for the walkthrough it really help me a lot thank you so much!!!!! arigatou gozaimasu!!!! but can i ask you one question? i’m still a newbie in this game so i don’t know how to increase my romance exp? thank you

  34. As far as i understand. Ur romance exp is raised by doin the volumns. I think u get 20exp per volume u play. Also u get 5exp when ur friends use you to help them in enemy battle. Also, everytime you lose in the roulette minogame, u get 30exp.
    BUT the exp resets everyday..

    1. i actually confused about the romance exp if you said that the romance exp reset each day than how maintain the romance exp and why does the romance exp reset each day? does anyone know why?

  35. wow youre so awesome thank you so much for it..actually i have a question here if you don’t mind me asking how to get to the hidden love? thank you

  36. I’m on level 15, I picked Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa and I can’t reach pass the checkpoint because I hav a low friendship level. In order to get items for my avatar I have to pay for it. Well I need to pay for it with zeni and I don’t have enough. So my question is… How do I get more zeni for free? I have been playing this game for a whole and the story is really interesting so I don’t want to give it up. PLEASE HELP!!

  37. I actually just finished yoshitsune hidden love, u get the chance by not being the in red part of the intimacy scale. But u have to be in no more than 2 notches after it. So u be in green zone. I was 1 notch after the red part. Only issue is that u need 800 friendship points to see ending. Unless u got alot of dc or zeni, its very hard. Not to mention have to have 11 passes to clear checkpoint in chap 10 for all characters…

  38. You get zeni through ur login bonus. Doing it everyday you get more zeni and other things like passes which u need to use to pass the game. Now other option is to greet n message ur friends on there. I think you can get up to 10 zeni per friend by greetin and messaging them. Hope this helps.

    1. Hello, Anami~ I just wanted to thank you for answering everyone’s questions in the comment section concerning the game! It’s a huge help, and I’m sure everyone appreciates it. Once again, thanks!:)

  39. On chapter one of hyuga I picked “I’m fine like this” and got negative one though it doesn’t say neg or pos for the answer on here. I played his once and got lover dovey ending. Going for sweet ending. Would like to know if any other answers might be mistakes.

    1. I updated Hyuga’s walkthrough with the most recent one, so there should not be any mistakes. I’m sure you’ll still get whatever ending you’d like though, so don’t worry:)

  40. If you selected in Hyuga Chapter 1, “im sorry..” its towards sweet ending and get a cg and in the next one is “Would you lend me some of your clothes?” Is towards the sweet ending… hope this helps and i am sure Ama will fix the error too..

  41. Hey.
    I am doing the spin off – training for homemaking for Mizuki’s.. i dnt know if it will make a difference but i chose to tell him the truth and i got a +1. I got a brilliant ending and went to juicy ending.

  42. hi i am new here. i m playing Yoshitsune now..i found your site a great help. i was stuck at checkpoint and now learn step by step from your site. kept up the good work!!
    i see lots people post invite id on various site? is it the right way to do?thanks

    1. Hello! I’m glad this site helps you! People post invite ids to get more friends, but you can just add people in-game. You can post your id in the comments of this page if you want:)

  43. Hiya, unless u have friends who play this game. Ppl posting them on differ sites is ok. They want anyone to invite them. Its an easier way to get more friends. So it up to you if you want to invite them. You get zeni for greeting them n posting comments. They can help u in battle minigame n in return they get 5 romance exp. I hope this helps.

  44. Hiya,
    To change your story/route. Go to your page, at bottom of page, go into ‘change story’. Then select the character you want to start the main story. Once in, there are tabs. Main Story, Spin Off, etc. Tap main story and continue romance. =)

  45. Plz help I love this game and I’m stuck! How do you get passes I don’t want to spend real money on them is there a way you can get them with out paying real money?!

  46. Hiya,
    Only way to get passes without using DC is by logging in everyday cause sometimes you get passes for doing consecutive logins and also you cam buy passes for 1,000 zeni per one and that too you get zeni for login. Also by greeting and commenting to your friends to get like 10zeni. Hope this helps.

  47. Hiya,
    Depends on what type of check points you are talking about.
    The friendship checkpoint, u can use dc or zeni to buy clothes for your partner. Just tap which tab you want in the shop.
    The pass checkpoint, u get pass for logging in consectutive days or you can buy per pass for 1000 zeni or 100dc
    The enemy checkpoint, as you progress through the game. The chances get lower. 60%, 40% and 20%. U r allowed to use 1 friend to help u which gives u an extra 20%. If u want more help u have to use ‘reineforcements’ which u buy dc only i think or receive as a reward for completing certain tasks. Personally i dont use items, cause its all chance at this stage.
    The last checkpoint is a minigame roulette. Same as the before, u can use like items to help with your chances. Shiruken give an extra 20% and bows give 100%. Again only bought with dc. Same as before its a chance game but what i personally do is aim for the heart because after you push the button. It clicks over 2 spots. So heart (push button) star and lands on heart. That is my opinion anyways.
    I hope this helps.

  48. So that’s what DC is! Its been so frustrating. I’m stuck because I need to three treasure keys >;o guess I’ll just have to wait. Anyways, add me guys!
    ID: kjzZpDCLN

    1. Sry but what do you mean by tokens? DC (destiny coins) are brought with real money. Zeni is coins you get for logging in every day. You get Zeni or passes or treasured box keys when you log in every single day. It alternates between zeni and then item like passes or treasure box key.

    1. If you cant use real money to buy DC for the treasure box key. Then other way is to consecutively log on and you get the keys as one of the prizes.

  49. Hi,
    Enemy checkpoints are all chance. You are allowed to have 1 friend help you, which adds 20% to your chance. There are items you can use which if given as a prize when you complete tasks or buy with DC. Reinforcements allow you to add another friend to help you and i think the ‘bow’ gives you 100% chance to defeat the enemy.
    Hope this helps

  50. GUYS I NEED HELP!! I’m stuck on volume 10 chapter 8 (benski) and I need to have a 300 friendship level but I only have 200 and I can’t buy anything because I have no zeni …. What do I do???? It’s driving me crazy! Please someone help me

  51. Hi this happened to me with Yoshitsune’s because I had to get 800 friendship points. the option I have for you is that to switch routes for now, build the zeni up and return to Benkai. Cause you just start off from where u left off. OTHERWISE you could always use DC… but switching routes is the best option to go I think

  52. I can’t seem to pass chapter 7 friendship level check point. Even thought I got two thing for my pet but now I can’t because I dnt hav enough DNC. How do I get more ? For Hyuga

  53. I want to reset the whole game. Does anybody know if I can? I went to lover dovey but I wanna get to sweet.. And I don’t want to wait. I want to reset the game. Please let me know If I can!:/

  54. This is a tough game by the end with all the checkpoints but it’s soooooo worth it!!! Sure it has spelling mistakes everyone and then but a lot of games do the spin-offs are great too! Add my invite ID: MU42FwK4TQ and you’ll get 5 chocolates !! You’ll need them because the games so addictive!

  55. Hi there,
    I’ve been playing destiny ninja and I clicked on one of the other links and now I don’t know how to get back to my main story. Any help?

    1. Hi Jen if you select the menu tab, select change story then select the character you want it then opens the stories you took with that character then simply select the main story:) I hope I helped:)

  56. I think I may have set one of the settings in the game and put the music/sound effects on mute or the volume on zero. I really want to play with the music and I don’t know how to get it back, any help?

  57. I have the game on my mobile and i dont think it has music for this game. Ages ago i download the ninja love on my ipad and it had music, downloaded the same game on my mobile and no music. So i guess it depends what you downloaded it to. Sorry if it isnt much help to u

  58. Hi, I’m playing Enya’s route and at lvl 8 I got these to choose from: Maybe I’m used to it -1 (lovey) Because it’s you (+1Cg?) I didn’t get Cg and my love state is in green now, I hope it can go to Sweet in the end… Is it possible that I play another version of this game somehow?

  59. hi, i have a question about the Halloween Spin off in all 3 Scenarios, it only let me play two stories out of three characters ,no matter what answer i pick, so i was wandering,am i the only one who have that problem?

    1. You can collect zeni by signing in every day and commenting/greeting the people on your friends list. For passports, you need 1000 Zeni – you can get them (passport) at the shop. You’ll also receive a free passport once every log in sheet, but I think that take about eight days.

  60. Hey guys!! I’ve made some many mistakes and I wish to restart the whole game, like lose my progress, but I dont know… any ideas?

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